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Contact NAREC on (02) 4957 7106 for emergency care outside of our opening hours.  

Seasonal Newsletters

Bushfire plan, animal first aid, food allergies & festive fun!

To prepare for the hot weather this summer, we have included a bushfire survival plan and first aid advice in this season’s newsletter. We believe everyone should be in the know when it comes to animal safety and our handy little checklist below can help! Flip to page 2 to read about food allergies—could your pet have one(?) For a lighter read, page 4 details all the Christmas fun at our clinic, including our opening hours, photos from our Santa shoot and our 2019 charity calendar!

Springtime madness! New products, fun quizzes & fit pets!

We’re mad with excitement this spring! We have 2 new products in this season’s newsletter that we are super excited to announce. For our itchy dogs, we have the new injectable treatment Cytopoint. This revolutionary product works just like an antibody to stop the itch cycle. We also have the Bravecto topspot coming to our shelves for long lasting tick and flea protection for dogs AND cats (yippee!). In this issue we have a fun quiz that you can take to see which flea and tick product is right for you, we talk about cat estrus cycles and also information on our October promotion—Fit Pet Month!


What’s inside?! Senior Month, allergies and clinic updates

Meet our cover star, George! George is the winner of our senior pet Facebook photo competition. He is an 8 year old Collie X and despite being in his senior years, loves being out-and-about and looking his best. This winter, take some time to think about your elderly pet; they can often feel a bit stiff and sore as it gets colder, so it may be time to think about a joint supplement, a fetching jacket and switching them to a senior pet food. Read all about our specials for Senior Month on page 2. We have allergy information on page 3, and our clinic updates on page 4, including online bookings, ZipMoney finance and meet our new receptionist, Erin.

Mental health awareness, bunny news & celebrating 20 years!


We’re spreading the news about mental health in pets! The latest study has revealed that 20% of our pets suffer from anxiety-related problems. This month, follow us on social media and in-clinic as we answer common questions about dog and cat behaviour, and hopefully help resolve some of the issues you may be facing.

This year Fletcher Vet turns 20! Flip to page 4 to read a bit about our clinic’s journey. We also have information for our bunny owners on page 2, arthritis products, Delta therapy dog walk, and info on our winners from our photo competition on page 4!

Hunter Award winners, Heartworm update, Christmas fun & more

We won!! Fletcher Vet was chosen as the winner of the Hunter Local Business awards for Outstanding Pet Care. We are so thankful to all our amazing clients who voted for us to help win this award, and for all your support over the years. We are a team that strives to work like your pet's second family, to provide the best service for your pet's health and well-being, and that connects with our local community. We are thrilled to receive this recognition for our hard work and dedication. Within this Summer edition we also give you the latest update on Heartworm, discuss the complications that arise with cat fights, and talk about our Christmas fun within the clinic for December.


Maintaining mental and physical health in pets

Is your cat stressed?! Sometimes it can be very difficult to tell. Some cats may over-groom, lose their appetite, inappropriately urinate or not urinate at all, putting themselves in a life-threatening situation. In any case, it is important to know the signs of feline stress, and how to manage it at home and in the vet clinic. Fletcher Veterinary Practice is aiming to become a cat-friendly clinic! So flip to page 2 to read all about our changes and recommendations for bringing your feline friend in for a vet check. In this issue you will also find information on Fit-Pet Month, the newest flea, tick and worming medication on the market, Puppy Preschool classes and more. 

The senior pet issue!

Winter is often a time when we see elderly pet’s ailments flair up, such as arthritis and joint concerns, so in this edition, we are focusing on our senior four-legged friends. June is Senior’s Month here at the clinic! We are celebrating our dogs and cats over 8 years old by providing you with a special offer all month of June—details on page 2. In this issue we also detail the importance of vaccinations for elderly pets, talk about grieving the loss of a beloved family pet, and discuss the best products to help your pet feel comfortable throughout the cooler months. We have some exciting new clinic updates to share too, so read on for all the information.


Dog Olympics, which breed is best for you, viruses and more...

We have a jam-packed newsletter this season. We have included all the details for our second annual Dog Olympics event, running on Sunday April 23rd at Islington Dog Park. We also have a fun quiz on page 4 which can tell you which dog breed is best for you! Read our success story about Banjo the Sheltie on page 4, the best way to get a urine sample from your pet on page 3, and all the details about the latest pet viruses in the news—panleukopenia and rabbit calicivirus.


Pet safety at Christmas, patient stories, tick cases and more...

This Christmas, we are running a very exciting  promotion—our specials Advent calendar! In this edition, we also detail pet safety at Christmas time, such as food to steer clear of, decoration safety, anxiety and problem plants. On page 2, we take a look at the most recent tick cases we have seen at the clinic, to see if there are particular breeds that are more likely to present with a tick, and where and when these cases were to happen. Check to page 4 to read about 2 brave patient stories, as well as for our Christmas opening hours. It sure is a busy time of year, but we hope you and your pets are making the most of the sunshine, and have a very happy holiday season!


Brave birds, food toxicities, Halloween and our new tick collar!

Baby animals, warmer weather, flourishing flora—there’s not a whole lot to dislike about spring! Although, as the weather begins to warm up, spring nasties such as snakes and ticks will also come out of hiding. On page 3, we’ll introduce our newest tick collar that will help defend your pets against those blood sucking creepy crawlies! In this issue we’ll also introduce to you our recent avian surgery patients,  we’ll bust some mythical flea treatment fables and tell you about all things toxic you’ll need to keep your pets away from this spring!


Geriatric cats, Dental Disease, Dog Olympics and our new Vet!

Winter is here, which means it’s time to keep our fur babies warm with lots of cuddles! However,  lots of hugging isn't the only thing happening this season. With seniors month also just around the corner, we’ll share a few tricks on how to fight off doggy dental disease and show you what to look out for when caring for a geriatric cat. In this issue, we’ll also introduce to you our lovely new Veterinarian!


Chocolate, Heartworm, Dog Olympics & new clinic additions!

There’s plenty happening at Fletcher Veterinary Practice lately. We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently welcomed back Dr. Findy Wills to our veterinary team, along with her expertise in ultrasonography and various fields. This newsletter edition covers a few things to be on the lookout for during Autumn time, including chocolate and heartworm. It is also Myxomatosis season, so ensure your bunnies are kept inside a Mozzie-proof hutch. We give you all the details about our exciting upcoming charity day—the Dog Olympics, as well as introducing a new medication for itchy dogs!


Pesky fleas, DNA testing, the dangers of the sun and more...

Our Summer Newsletter is full of hot articles to let you know what’s what in the summer time with your pet. As temperatures are predicted to reach all time highs throughout the season, we have put together some information to help your pet keep cool, including a tasty icy-pole recipe! Tick control is better than ever this year, with the introduction of long lasting prevention medication such as Bravecto and Nexgard. Fleas, however are a hard parasite to control, as infestations can grow rapidly. Read on to learn more about these common household parasites.


Sunshine, ticks, snakes and everything spring!

The weather is warming and the flowers are blooming, it’s a great time of the year now to enjoy the longer days in the sun with your pets. For our four-legged friends however, this can sometimes mean nasties are on their way, including ticks, fleas, grass seeds and itchy allergies. Now is the time to stock up on your flea, tick and worming control to ensure they are protected throughout the season. We have an exciting new flea and tick product called Bravecto, which covers fleas and ticks for 3 months! Flip to page 2 for all the details on this convenient tablet. In this issue, we also look at what to do when you come across snakes, how to get your pet moving, our new thyroid health food and introduce our new veterinarian!


Feline arthritis, Senior Pet Month, Wallsend Winter Fair & more...

Winter is coming! It’s time to rug up, keep warm and try to avoid the winter blues. With all our exciting upcoming events and specials through the season though, we’ve got you covered. In this issue, we are letting you know all the facts about arthritis; particularly in cats, and why it is important to recognise the signs. June is senior pet month, so we have special deals for our elderly dogs and cats out there. We will also be sharing many tips on our Facebook and website blog about how to care for them at home during their old age. Keep in the loop by ‘liking’ our page, following us on Twitter and subscribing to our online blog on our website.


Raising orphaned kittens, polite pets, Myxomatosis and more…


Welcome to the first edition of Fletcher Veterinary Practice's clinic newsletter! We are very excited to keep you informed and up to date with happenings at our clinic, local events and general pet care advice. 
In this issue, we give you a recap on the last few months, letting you know what interesting cases summer brought us, with a focus on a big problem that we have seen recently, orphaned kittens. We have some great tips on puppy nutrition, as well as our behaviourist Claire's special segment, giving you all the info on Polite Pet's Month!