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Contact NAREC on (02) 4957 7106 for emergency care outside of our opening hours.  

Puppy School Classes

Our puppy school classes that we run here at our clinic are one of the most comprehensive in the Newcastle area. Hosted by our experienced veterinary nurses with extensive knowledge of socialisation and dog behaviour, your puppy will gain vital skills that will stick with them for life.


Next Puppy Preschool Class begins: 

Date:     Tuesday May 7th

Time:     6:30pm

Trainer: Jessica


If you would like to secure a spot for your puppy, please phone on 49556670 or enquire here.

So why is Puppy PreSchool so important?


Between the ages of 8-16 weeks, a puppy's brain is taking in new information like a sponge. They learn what makes them happy and what doesn't, therefore what behaviours they are more likely to keep performing. By applying the 'positive reinforcement' strategy at this age to teach your puppy the behaviours you want to encourage, they quickly learn where they belong in the family, and what to do to be a well-behaved dog.


Social skills are the most important skills for your pup to learn at this age. They will have the confidence to play with other dogs and people, as well as know their limits for wrestling, play biting, barking, and other behaviours. Puppy Preschool is held in a safe and contained environment. Being that it is not advised to take your puppy to public places before their full vaccination-course, preschool allows playtime within this crucial learning period of their lives with approximately 6 other puppies. We ensure that all the puppies are vaccinated, and do a thorough clean of the area before each class.




What else do they learn at Puppy Preschool?


Not only do they learn how to socialise, we use the positive reinforcement method of training to teach them sit, stay, drop, roll over, walk on a lead and come when called. Rewarding your pup when they do something correctly, and ignoring the unwanted behaviours can be applied to any command with your puppy - the opportunities are endless. The secret is consistency. If you repeat the same command -> perform -> reward sequence enough (ensuring everyone in the household is on-board), you will see results. 


Owners will gain even more than their puppies by attending the class, as our trainer will guide you through everything you can expect from puppy-hood, including tips on toilet training, nutrition, exercise, healthcare, digging, chewing, biting, barking and other behaviours. Any questions you have, we can answer.


What is included?


Included in our classes is fresh BBQ chicken as our rewarding treats (which no puppy can say no to!), a sample bag of a premium puppy diet (packed full of the good stuff your puppy needs for healthy development), a puppy pack complete with your information booklet and some doggy goodies, the opportunity to meet all sorts of puppies and other like-minded puppy parents, and 4 classes of learning for you and your pup (1 information and 3 training and socialisation sessions.)


Some important info:

  • Your puppy has to be in between 6-18 weeks of age to participate
  • Classes are held usually Monday or Tuesday nights from 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • They run over a consecutive 4-week period and bookings are essential.
  • On the last week of the course, you will receive a graduation pack! 


If you have any further questions about our classes, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you get your puppy off on the right paw!