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Contact NAREC on (02) 4957 7106 for emergency care outside of our opening hours.  

Monthly Promotions

We've got some exciting promotions coming up. Scroll down to see!



Did you know that after the age of 8, your pet’s health can start to change? Dogs and cat’s bodies age similarly to ours, and they are considered to be in their senior years above the age of 8 due to these changes starting to occur.


Take a look at the chart below to see how old your pet really is.

You may have already noticed changes such as difficulty to get up after resting, slower to run, walk or climb stairs, dental hygiene issues and/or changes in urination and drinking. Many of these symptoms can be related to the gradual onset of age related illnesses, such as arthritis, kidney and liver disease and dementia.


Our Monthly Promotion

Throughout June, we are celebrating our seniors, by providing a special consultation for them. A thorough health check with our nurses, a seniors blood and urine profile and goodie bag all for just $59!

This consultation gives you the chance to ask about any concerns you may have regarding mobility, dental health, organ diseases, lumps and bumps, and general health. The blood screen tests vital organs for signs of disease, including kidney and liver, to help ensure they have many healthy and happy years ahead. they will recieve their very own Senior Pet Health Booklet, detailing the results of their visit. 

When you come in for a senior check up, you will receive a free senior pet goodie bag full of samples and specials to help your elderly pet improve their well-being. You will also go in the draw to win a pet hamper, including a 12.5kg bag of Hills j/d! This food is incredible for joint support and elderly bones, clinically proven to help your pet walk, run and jump better in as little as 21 days!


What else does Senior's Month have to offer?

Arthritis special

There's more where that came from! We also have a special on arthritis injections! These injections work wonders for joint health and mobility. They are a course of 4 injections, once a week. If your pet begins the course within the month of June, you'll recieve the 4th injection for free!


Senior Pet Seminar - Special guest speakers from Hills Pet Nutrition

We're excited to announce that we are hosting a talk with Hills Pet Nutrition on the diet of a senior pet, and how to care for them in their old age! This evening talk will be free of charge, and all are invited! Click here for registration!


Book your dog or cat's senior pet consult here, or call us to find out any more information.