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4 Beech Close

Fletcher, NSW 2287 


After Hours Emergency

Contact NAREC on (02) 4957 7106 for emergency care outside of our opening hours.  





We understand that you cannot always be financially prepared for an upcoming vet visit, especially at the time of an unexpected emergency. That’s why we have introduced PrePay! This service is designed to allow you to pay monthly instalments in advance to your veterinary account, giving you peace of mind knowing that your future vet bill will be partly or completely covered.


The PrePay service allows you to be worry free, is hassle free, and best of all, there are no fees. You can contribute as little or as much as you like, and withdraw your unused instalments whenever you like. Contact us today to set up your PrePay account, and take the proactive approach to your pet’s healthcare.


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Assistance for Pensioners


We offer 10% off our consultation and vaccination costs with our veterinarians.



Hunter Animal Watch are a charity organisation in Hamilton, committed to animal welfare and pet desexing. They assist pensioners and health care card owners with desexing their pets by offering them financial help.


We work hand-in-hand with Hunter Animal Watch by doing all the necessary paperwork for you when you come in for your desexing appointment.


For any of these offers, please show your pension card and personal I.D card to one of our nurses on the front desk.



VetPay is specifically designed to help you pay for veterinary expenses without the worry of high upfront costs.

Start your pet’s treatment now and pay for it over time. Vetpay will set up a payment plan and debit your bank account or credit card and pay your vet for the services provided for you. Contact us about Vetpay, or click to their website to read more.